Fashion song - Royalty free music track

Dear fashion lovers, designers, stylists, models, photographers, on stage workers, ladies. You are beautiful, looking great, super awesome ladies and so on, and so on. This song is for you. Do you know the word starting with B? Synonyms? It’s not that one, it’s another one – the good one. Presenting you “boom boom” style song, not the bang song with a lot of synths, heavy metal guitars, hard dance drums, acid instruments and more. So tune In and let’s the Party begins!!!


Project available by following this link:

Presenting you my one of the Lovers track with instrumental, slow music, orchestra, guitars and electric piano. Add Rumba rhythm with dubstep bass and…

Dedicated to my Wife and you.. It’s powerful to be used as Romantic, Love Story music, this is Rumba where all the story begins. Or maybe you need lovely Christmas? Yes! Brides what are you waiting for? Let your day will be filled with love in winter too


Audio track available by this link:

Romantic feelings – another instrumental ambient r&b style track. Medium – slow tempo song with sax, guitars, electric piano, strong rhythm. Useable for galleries, background music and more…


Project available by following this link:


Presenting you negative film viewer template. All objects are in 3D space with included sound effects. 35 mm film with parallax movement. Imagine you are photographer searching for the best shot. This template is Point Of View with few cameras from the Top. Load your footage, write text on polaroid photos, negative film holder and make render. Native After effects lights with shadows, 3D model of camera, bulb lamp, and film box. Where to use? Anywhere. Film introduction, documentary, travel intro, even the wedding film. Its your imagination as this is multipurpose template. Main features:

  • Sound FX included
  • 70 Placeholders with pictures
  • Native Light with shadows
  • Parallax movement (positive images inside the magnifying glass)
  • Easy to customize
  • Video tutorial

Project available by following this link:

Info: Pure 3D project with Lights, Depth of Field, Shadows and more… One style – 4 different stories. Where to use? – Galleries, Albums, Introduction… it’s only your imagination.

Main features: > If you want to rebuild it, and don’t want a lot’s of hard working job Audio track is not included, but you can purchase it by following this link: Fashion Lollipop (full version + bonus 30 sec. for this gallery pack)

  • Works with CS3 and Above
  • 4 timelines:
  • Revealer 39 (up to 146) placeholders
  • Gallery I 9 (up to 35) placeholders
  • Gallery II 23 (up to 52) placeholders
  • NLE mode with all camera shots
  • 3D project with lights, shadows, DoF
  • Global settings and customization for: Global texture, Transition FX, Edges over the Cube, Fill texture, edge Splines (lines), The walls. These settings works globally on every single peace of cube. Just set for 1 and everything takes care for all compositions inside this project.
  • Textures included
  • Correct orientation in x,y,z
  • Video tutorial
  • Modular template
  • Easy and fast customization
  • Well named and organized